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Keller Transmitter Assembly
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Pictures of Burkert Solenoid Modifications
  • Unbelievably reliable latching 6-Volt solenoid valves from Burkert in Germany, once thoroughly understood. Unbelievably notorious and finicky in operation until thoroughly understood.
  • We started using them sometime in 1996, still use them today. Never touched them initially and they were fine, but subsequently random failures would occur, generally attributed to environment temperature change. It was later discovered whether or not they failed was determined by the geographic location of actual calibration. If the supplied units were calibrated at the factory in Germany they would work fine, if they were calibrated elsewhere they would eventually fail.
  • Had to eventually build a control circuit just to calibrate them in house in the Spring of 2014, no failures recorded ever since, capable of at least 12,000 field-verified on/off cycles, and probably many more but we don't know for sure.

New solenoids...
Constituent parts...
Masking for potting..
Masking for potting....
All done...
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