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CDi3.FTe Submersible, Universal Gas-Field Controller
Keller Digital Pressure Transducers/Transmitters
Burkert Solenoid Modifications
PDL/CDi History: Pembina Lake Erie Datalogger
LD Series Pressure Transmitters
Solar Cells
ICISS Corrosion Datalogger
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P5 / P7 Charger
Keller Digital Pressure Transducers/Transmitters
PDL5 Switcher, NPT Cylinders
RF Parts
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CDiComm, CDiChart, WinRTMS and Visual Flow Calculator Software Bundle
WinRTMS and all versions of Switcher are no longer supported.
  • CDiComm v1.0.0, is visual operational, communications and charting functionality software for serial devices connected to the local computer through a cable, or across the internet through a serial to Ethernet TCP/IP bridge. Supports up to 256 serial physical or virtual ports, COM1 to COM256, and "on the fly" switching between ports and baud rates.
  • CDiChart v1.0.2, is a charting tool and native file viewer. Freeware, but should be registered during the 30-day trial period. Email Adam the installation code (email link at page bottom), or Skype the skypename singlechips, and you'll get a response with the unlock code. Once unlocked, fonts go back to normal and the nag screen goes away.
  • Visual Flow Calculator v3.0.3 operation is self-explanatory. All three programs are 32-bit applications. CDiChart and Visual Flow Calculator are freeware. In addition to the traditional .msi installer, a portable version of all three titles has been created, in a single "packaged" file, using Cameyo virtualization technology, see https://www.cameyo.com/. Note: some anti-virus programs wrongly flag Cameyo and Cameyo-built apps as infected by virus. So, two options for users:
    Option 1: Run the portable version, least possible system intrusion
    Download this .zip file and extract contents to the desktop, .zip password is "Switcher3", and just run the executable. If Switcher3 crashes when you open the communications screen, your system doesn't have the needed "msstdfmt.dll" file, run the included .msi with the same name to install it. The executable should always be run from the desktop, any other location on the hard drive is also ok, but then you'd need shortcuts to it.
    Option 2: Traditional .msi installation with install/uninstall functionality
    Download, extract, and install by running the included .msi. Zip password is "Switcher3". Optional Microsoft Visual Basic Update Rollup, distributed to developers in 2012, no need to download unless there are problems. If you get "Run-time Error 75" upon attempting to run, right-click on the shortcut and under compatibility tab select/check "XP SP3" and "Run as Administrator".

  • You may also wish to grab a bundle of original files, download the zip archive from google drive, and very quickly see for yourself why gas companies should get rid of their piles of 100-year-old technology known as the chart recorders as soon as possible, I mean, we have zoom. The .rtm files included in the bundle were actually recorded around the end of August, 1998.
  • Very easy to use, supports drag and drop, right-click anywhere on the active chart for a customization dialog, no help file for now, if there is interest, one will be added in the future.
  • The J40R2 file in the bundle is the latest download from the ZDL5.FTe switcher installation on June 9th, 2017. The data is interesting because it shows the way the "Future Start" command operates, we can see in the data this command was issued by the diveboat crew around 9:00am on the 28th of June. Also noteworthy, unlike the PDL and like the CDi3, the ZDL records its own battery voltage.
  • And lastly, do notice the differential "on" spikes are 60psi or so, because the ZDL5.FTe uses two single Kellers to measure differential pressure, it can withstand spikes of 3,000psid in either direction, unheard of in this business!

    γειά σου!!!Please turn the volume down before you click on this link, a plunger lift demo from over 10 years ago, it is loud!
Click to download zipped file!!!
Digi International X-CTU Version installer 32bit
Click on icon to download EXE installer
XCTU Version
Digi International X-CTU Version installer
Click on icon to download EXE installer
XCTU Version
Digi International X-CTU Version installer
Click on icon to download EXE installer
Keller Read30
Zip archive, click icon to download
Visual Flow Calculator 3.03
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