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CDi4.P8 Flowmeter, Keller Communicator
LD Series Pressure Transmitters
Internet of Things - BME
Gauges and Charts
Implementing the Internet of Things - BME
Flyport Wi-Fi
Grove Nest board
  • Project uses a Flyport Wi-Fi module and a Grove Nest board to update a public Thingspeak channel every 60 seconds, gauges and/or charts update in near real-time without having to refresh the page.
  • Thingspeak limits the update frequency to one every 15 seconds. A channel can have up to 8 fields, chunks of data when downloading are limited to 8000 points.
  • Download link to channel's data in .csv format. Click here to see a version of this page served by the hardware.
  • Chart and gauges were last updated ? ago.
Barometric Pressure (hPa) Inside Temperature (degC) Outside Relative Humidity (%) Outside Temperature (degC)
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